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LOD Spec Survey

The BIMForum seeks your participation in developing and improving the Level of Development Specification (LOD Spec). The LOD Spec has enjoyed tremendous success over the last 10 years. The document was developed by practitioners who saw a need to specify, articulate and communicate model content requirements and qualities with clarity and efficiency. Today, the document…

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It’s 2023, Let’s Take a Second Look at how Model-Based Estimating has Evolved

11:00 AM EST. Thursday, January 26, 2023

It’s 2023, Let’s Take a Second Look at how Model-Based Estimating has EvolvedThis presentation puts forward new model-based estimating concepts that provide a scalable methodology for design and preconstruction teams …

Level of Information Need Framework to support Information Requirements

12:00 PM EST. Thursday, April 14, 2022

WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT Building Information Models (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) have become standard tools in the project delivery process. The parties to a construction project create …

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Our values serve as our North Star. They are the basis of our commitment to inspire action, effect change, and make an impact on the world around us.


We are inspired to break new ground and tap into new ideologies, but are also committed to keeping a clear mission and a compelling purpose.


We are visionary early adopters who embrace technology, creativity, and challenging the status-quo.


We believe things should be built to last—whether it’s structures, technology, or relationships.

Historical Note/ Credentials

The Place Where It Happened

It all started in 2005 when a group of industry practitioners and owners attended a presentation about a Lucas Film project. The team used 3D modeling to refine the design, as well as simulate the construction process. The project was an overwhelming success, and the audience was so overwhelmed, you could hear a pin drop.

Technology brought the team together and allowed everyone to learn from different perspectives, communicate with clarity, and create trust and confidence in a jointly developed plan that works for the project and all participants.

A few of the professionals present at the meeting saw an opportunity to keep this momentum going, and the BIMForum was born. Today, these technological practices are common on many projects and have helped create positive change in our industry. The BIMForum has been a catalyst in this process by being the place where the visioning, discourse, and the learning takes place.

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