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Our mission

BIMForum exists to drive practical implementation of technology and processes to improve the future of the built environment.


BIMForum’s primary goal is to get the rubber of innovation on the road of the creation and operation of the built environment.


What do we mean by “improve”?  We believe the industry should strive for built-environment creation and operation processes that are:


If the processes of planning, designing, and building the built environment are not profitable the best people won’t get involved.


The creation and operation of the built environment accounts for a huge portion of resource consumption and greenhouse gas emission.  The industry must strive to reduce these impacts.


The best buildings have a long life cycle – they must be able to withstand natural disasters and to accommodate changing occupancy needs.


The built environment must serve all of its users equitably.

Core Values – the way we work


We recognize that the best ideas come from cross disciplinary collaboration, that when multiple points of view, priorities, and knowledge sets are brought to bear on a problem the resulting solution is usually better than any single discipline could have achieved.


The built environment affects us all, both in its creation and in its function of supporting human activity.  Ethically we should all be included in its design and construction, and pragmatically inclusion of multiple viewpoints creates richer and more effective collaboration.


We do not limit ourselves to solving existing problems – sometimes a new idea will expose a problem we didn’t know we had.  When we see a “solution looking for a problem” we strive to find a problem.


Over its decade + existence BIMForum has gained the trust of the industry by producing reliable, practical tools.  We recognize that to keep this trust we must continually earn it.

Meet the board

John Tocci, Sr.

TOCCI Construct, CEO and Owner

Jim Bedrick

Board Member

FAIA, AIA Liaison, Principal AEC Process Engineering

Rick Del Monte

Board Member

FAIA, DBIA Liaison, Principal at R&B Architecture

Luke Faulkner

Board Member, AISC Liaison

AISC Liaison, Director, Technology Integration

Greg Gidez

Board Member, DBIA Liaison

Director of Design Services Hensel Phelps

Carl G. Roberts

Vice Chair, Treasurer

Owner, Attorney
Law Offices of Carl G. Roberts LLC

Jan Reinhardt


Principal, ADEPT Project Delivery

Past Chairs

James Vandezande (2016 – 2019)
Chief Technology Officer

John Tocci, Sr. (2005 -2016)
Tocci Building Corporation

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Our members can count on us to provide the best in networking, learning, and engagement opportunities.


We encourage a diverse and varied member base from industry veterans to fresh visionaries, and we aspire to provide every member the individual attention and respect they deserve.


We are industry-leading innovators, craftspeople, and problem solvers who are dedicated to changing the future of building information modeling.

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