LOD Spec Survey

The BIMForum seeks your participation in developing and improving the Level of Development Specification (LOD Spec).

The LOD Spec has enjoyed tremendous success over the last 10 years. The document was developed by practitioners who saw a need to specify, articulate and communicate model content requirements and qualities with clarity and efficiency. Today, the document is widely used on all continents on large and small projects. Practitioners of all disciplines and trades are able to work with the document.

We don’t want to stop here. Recognizing advancements in BIM, design and construction process, market penetration of BIM and changing technological and business environments we want to ensure the LOD Spec stays relevant and provides the greatest possible value to its users.

The BIMForum has collaborated with the Level of Information Needs (LOIN) working group to survey the use and application of the LOD Spec. The results of our survey will directly influence developments and the direction of the document.

Please participate in our survey here: https://form.jotform.com/221423162652043

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