Reality Capture and Simulation Taskforce

  • Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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The BIMForum Reality Capture and Simulation Taskforce was formed to address the emerging trend the BIMForum BxP Guide introduces in the areas of reality capture and simulation. Reality capture includes laser scanning, among other forms of measurement, for as-built documentation. Common tools and equipment used for reality capture include, but are not limited to laser scanners, robotic total stations, along with tablets, and point layout tools. Additionally, simulation includes but is not limited to virtual reality, augmented reality and other related forms of simulation. The related simulation of 4D and 5D are addressed by the Re-cap/Sim Taskforce in collaboration with the BIMForum’s Scheduling & Estimating Taskforce (4x5D Taskforce).

The Recap/Sim Taskforce is dedicated to furthering documentation of the built environment, including for buildings, civil and infrastructure.

To learn more about the BIMForum’s Reality Capture and Simulation Specification, sign up for our recorded webinars or contact the Recap-Sim Taskforce leadership.

Chair: Will Ikerd, P.E., CM-BIM Principal, IKERD Consulting

Vice Chair: Mark Epstein – Senior Virtual Design & Construction Engineer, Sundt Construction

Vice Chair: Raynal Walker, Lockheed-Martin

Vice Chair: Jake Fears, P.E


Reality Capture Document

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