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  • Friday, October 06, 2023

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It has been brought to BIMForum’s attention that, as has happened before, an organization has appeared styling itself as a “BIMForum.” In the present instance, an organization calling itself “BIMForum Global” has published documents in a manner that is confusingly similar to BIMForum’s publications and includes BIMForum’s copyrighted material.

BIMForum (our organization) is a collaborative initiative of industry professionals with the objective of improving the processes and work products of the AEC/O industry through the use of technology and streamlined processes. The work and publications authored and distributed by BIMForum are based on creations, input, discussion, review, and approval of various committees and working groups at BIMForum and are intended to be a standard that the AEC/O industry depends on and uses in contract documents.

The similarity of the name of “BIMForum Global”, its web address (, and its logo to those of BIMForum and the potential for confusion in the AEC/O industry prompt BIMForum to inform the industry that:

  1. BIMForum owns the copyright to the LOD Specification, including the current and all prior versions.
  2. BIMForum has not licensed its publications to BIMForum Global.
  3. BIMForum has not approved and does not sanction the publications of BIMForum Global.
  4. Will Ikerd is not an officer, director, or member of BIMForum and has no authority for or on behalf of BIMForum.
  5. The structure and intended use of BIMForum Global’s LOD document appear to be close to identical to those of BIMForum’s original Level of Development (LOD) Specification publication.
  6. Parts of BIMForum Global’s LOD document are direct copies of BIMForum’s LOD Specification publications, which are published under a Creative Commons license.
  7. The background section of BIMForum Global’s LOD document omits or misrepresents the history and contributions of multiple people and organizations to the the development of BIMForum’s LOD Specification.
  8. BIMForum has a license from AIA Contract Documents, the publisher and copyright-holder of the original LOD definitions, to use and further define and develop these definitions.
  9. BIMForum is continuing to develop, update, and publish its LOD Specification and other documents as it has been doing. Consistent with BIMForum’s normal release cycle, the 2023 update to the LOD Specification will be released for public comment during Q4 2023.

Please feel free to contact BIMForum ( with any questions.BIMForum Communication 2023-09-08BIMForum Communication 2023-09-08


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