Level of Information Need Framework to support Information Requirements


Dr. Marzia Bolpagni

Dr. Marzia Bolpagni

Head of BIM International - Associate Director at Mace (www.macegroup.com)

  • Thursday, April 14, 2022
  • 12:00 PM EST


Building Information Models (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) have become standard tools in the project delivery process. The parties to a construction project create models for their internal use, but also increasingly rely on components provided by other project participants. Conversely, many practitioners are required to create BIM deliverables.

If we are not able to articulate requirements, plan execution, and measure and assess deliverables, we will over-produce or under-produce deliverables and create an inherently inefficient process. The concepts and standards around Level of Development (LOD) and Level of Information Needs (LOIN) are important for making the project delivery process effective and efficient and create positive outcomes for our projects.  


How to better define information requirements for our clients and projects? In the digital construction community, the concept of “LOD (Level of Definition/ Detail/ Development etc)” has been created and used. However, to allow more automation, more granular requirements are needed. In this session you will learn more on the history of this topic and how it evolved to the new concept of “Level of Information Need” included in the latest series of international standards related to Building Information Modelling (BIM): the ISO 19650 series. You will have the opportunity to meet the lead author of the standard EN 17412-1 on Level of Information Need and discover how this can be linked to LOD.

Marzia Bolpagnia

Marzia works on digital construction at Mace where she develops and implements digital construction solutions for international clients. She holds a PhD in Smart Construction, and she is passionate in filling the gap between industry and academia. She worked and lived in several countries including USA, UK, Italy and Finland. She is covering leadership roles in several relevant initiatives on the promotion of digital technologies for the Built Environment including: Assistant Editor of the BIM Dictionary (BIMExcellence Initiative) where she coordinates more than 120 volunteers worldwide, Ambassador of the UK BIMAlliance and Expert at the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) TC 442 where she chairs a Task Group on information requirements standardisation (Level of Information Need to empower the concept of “LOD”). She is lead author of the Level of Information Need standard EN 17412-1, Chair of EC3 Modelling and Standards Committee and Honorary Lecturer at UCL and Visiting Professor at Northumbria University. She received several awards for her activities including ‘Woman Ingenious’ in 2017, Star Award for Innovation and Service Excellence in 2019 and Young Engineer of the Year and Sir George Macfarlane Medal by the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2021, Woman of the Future in 2021, Inspiring 50 among the most influential women in technology and Emerging Professional of the Year 2021.

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