Generative Design and AI: A Historical Overview, A Present Case Study, A Future for Design?


Adam Davis

Adam Davis

Senior Manager - Modular/Fabrication, Miller Electric Company

Radu Dicher

Radu Dicher

BIM Manager, SWA Group

  • Tuesday, May 14, 2024
  • 12:00 PM EST

Join Adam Davis and Radu Dicher for a BIMForum conversation over some specific applications of Generative Design. We’ll briefly consider the convergence of some prior generative approaches in the architecture and engineering for framing the conversation and perspective, then examine at some length a couple of case studies of using Generative AI Design for Electrical Conduit Design. The webinar will allocate some time for an open forum for conversation and reflection regarding these current industry trends, similar work done by members of the audience, challenges and opportunities posed to the AECO field by both Generative Design and AI.


  • Examine some of the prior approaches to generative design.
  • Learn about applications and actual implementations through a couple of case studies pertaining to electrical conduit design.
  • Open the floor to a conversation over the participants’ own direct experience with Generative Design and AI, and thoughts on future applications.

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