The Deconstruction of Preconstruction


Rick Del Monte

Rick Del Monte

FAIA, DBIA Liaison, Principal at R&B Architecture

Greg Gidez

Greg Gidez

Director of Design Services Hensel Phelps

John Tocci, Sr.

John Tocci, Sr.

Chief Enabling Officer, Tocci Building Companies

  • Thursday, March 10, 2022
  • 1:00 PM EST

Over the past decade, preconstruction has become its own discipline at most construction companies. Over that time, it has evolved, but what is it? Despite descriptions in form-contracts it remains largely subjective. However, most parties agree on three points:

  1. Done right, it should be valuable, therefore it should NOT be free.
  2. It drives efficient design by ensuring proper decision making, planning, and continuous pricing.
  3. True design stage collaboration is crying out for definition, professionalism and… a new name.

We believe the difference between casual current precon practice and professional design stage support is so wide the industry should start over and retire the word “precon”.  


At this webinar:

  • You’ll hear perspectives from four construction firm leaders:
    • A design build firm with internal design capability
    • Two national design build firms which use third party architects
    • A construction manager using GMP at risk
  • Our presenters will discuss the missed opportunities and dramatic savings of an integrated design stage process.
  • You will learn how to respect design while ensuring usable deliverables are produced on time, without redesign and postpartum value engineering.

*Earlier we used a title for the webinar of “The Murder of Preconstruction”. Considering the awful events in Ukraine and knowing that there is no equivalence between the murder that is going on there and the work in our industry we changed the title to “The Deconstruction of Preconstruction”. Thank you for your understanding.


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