Field BIM

Field BIM is bringing the modeling information to the job site. This is an expanding topic that will be growing as the mobility of technology increases. On this page, we will be highlighting examples of field BIM usage. Below are videos from previous BIMForum presentations on this topic.

"Perfection at the connection: BIM in the field Bringing an Assembly Line Approach to Modern Construction"


Over 100 years ago LEAN was applied to construction and increased productivity by 200%, with the ability to use BIM, today we can apply modern Lean manufacturing techniques to improve our construction projects.
The presentation discusses new ways to apply BIM to the field for increased productivity by:

  • Process charts to associated with families.
  • Increased Quality through BIM
  • Location of objects and information and new methods of communication
  • Supply chain of information from the model, fabrication, transport and installation.


Chris Heger (Turner Construction Company)

"Developing Supplemental Coordination Models and Documents with BIM to Support the Field, Inspections, and Owner Efforts"


The integrated model is rich in information – and its value can be tapped over and over during the life of the project. Construction projects contain an information supply chain and the BIM is a vehicle both collect and distribute this information. This presentation describes how supplemental coordination documents, models, and Virtual Reality environments can be devolved from the models of an integrated design and engineer team to support field, inspection and owner efforts.


Joshua Mercado (The Boldt Company)

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