Dallas BIMForum – On the Jobsite Knowledge Sharing Session

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Are you going to the Fall BIMForum? Miss your chance to submit a proposal? The Call for Proposals has closed, but if you’re still interested in sharing your jobsite experiences with your colleagues, we want to hear from you.

We will have a Field Communications Knowledge Sharing Session within the “On the Jobsite” track on Thursday, October 9, from 1:00pm – 3:45pm. During this session, we will aim to focus on practical applications of  BIM/VDC and related technology to support improving collaboration and communication on the jobsite. Here are the details:

Presentation Format:

  • 10 minute rapid fire presentation
    • 5 minute presentation with 5 minutes of Q&A
  • 3 main slides – MAXIMUM 5 slides to support your topic

Each presenter will frame their presentation in the following format:

  1. State problem – what are we trying to solve? For who? Why?
  2. Present the solution – it doesn’t need to be completely figured out, but share how you addressed the challenge with BIM/VDC or technology on the jobsite
    1. What was the technology delivery system – is it just software? Database or system integration? Technology that doesn’t exist yet, but the trends are tracking in that direction?
  3. Describe your plus/delta – what went well, what can be improved?
    1. Share any metrics to support your solution.
    2. Saved time, improved communication…

Here are some possible topics that you could present:

  • Model based Layout/Total Station
  • Laser scanning
  • Project Data/Model access in the Field – Field station or job box
  • Cloud solutions to drive access to the field
  • Mobile devices – tablets/iPads/apps…
  • Robots (drones)

If you would like to give a short presentation on one of these topics, please submit your proposal to Marisa Gerdano by August 29.