Webinar: Providing Clarity for Owners and Developers for Mid-rise Wood Frame Projects

Providing ClarityToday ISC uses BIM on every wood frame mid-rise project. We design, collaborate on, prefabricate and install foundations and wood framing for multifamily projects with exceptional quality. Part of the process includes a comprehensive architectural review and model, as well as a complete structural model. Once the structural model has been developed, it is clashed with mechanical, plumbing and other BIM content to fully coordinate the structure.

LOD continues to be a main point of focus as BIM savvy owners and builders advance requirements contractually for BIM content.  For example: ISC provides a model containing elements at LOD 200 for preliminary clash and coordination, whereas the elements are enhanced to a LOD 350 at the construction stage when deliverables are generated for field use.

By successfully using BIM on numerous mid-rise wood framed projects, ISC continues to provide enhanced clarity, from concept through construction for all project stakeholders. As technology and collaboration tools are further developed, the use of BIM will continue to grow. This session will show how educated owners and developers will be able to select BIM capable dynamic teams that can effectively design and build midrise wood frame projects with enhanced schedules and elevated levels of quality with less risk.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How BIM can be used to add value and eliminate construction issues that typically create problems in wood framed mid-rise construction.
  2. How BIM is being used today specifically for mid-rise wood frame construction, allowing prefabrication and offsite construction techniques.
  3. Why owners and developers should require BIM criteria on mid-rise wood framed projects while addressing contractual requirements and the LOD Specification.
  4. How BIM is used throughout the design and construction process for wood frame mid-rise projects.
  5. How the LOD specification should be addressed in mid-rise wood frame RFP’s.

Speakers: Steve Bumbalough  - AEC BIM Product Manager, ITW Building Components Group

Bradford Blissit - Integrated Structural Concepts

Moderator: Will Ikerd - Principal, IKERD Consulting

Webinar Date: Thursday, March 23, 2017

Time: 2:00 - 3:00pm ET

Registration Fee: Free for BIMForum members [click here to become a member], $75 for non-members