Webinar: Building Envelope Enclosures That Work, What Owners Want!

Building EnvelopeBuilding Envelope Enclosures are one of the largest risks monetarily that an owner faces with their buildings. This issue is also one of the number one reasons contractors are called back to projects, and the leading reason of construction lawsuits. Designers are at the point of the spear on this issue as their designs flow into construction. Coordinating designers' enclosure details are an ever-growing challenge for them as building systems become increasingly more complicated with materials and integrating lighting and mechanical systems with the enclosures performance. The challenge is further highlighted when we consider that physical mock-ups of enclosures seldom work at their first test.

This session will provide a detailed review of the use of BIM and VDC in addressing the BE challenges. It will highlight the use of the BIMForum LOD Specification, and how it is used with the design and construction teams. It will outline best practices for Building Enclosure Review Meetings with BIM. It will discuss VDC through the entire process of design, construction, and enclosure maintenance. The audience will walk away with practical and usual steps they can take on their projects to provide building owners enclosures that work with best practices with virtual mock-ups and BIM enclosure process.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How virtual enclosure mock-ups with BIM can be used to add value and eliminate construction issues that typically create problems in common building design.
  2. How BIM for enclosures is being used to clarify scope with team on installation.
  3. Why owners and developers should require BIM enclosure criteria in their contractual requirements along with BIMForum LOD Specification references.
  4. How BIM is used throughout the design and construction process for enclosures.
  5. How LOD Specifications for building envelope should be addressed in RFP’s.

Speakers: Will Ikerd  - Principal, IKERD Consulting

Karl Strand - President, Vertical Solutions Consulting

Webinar Date: Thursday, February 23, 2017

Time: 2:00 - 3:00pm ET

Registration Fee: Free for BIMForum members [click here to become a member], $75 for non-members