Design Optimization Flashblog: Lean Design + Technology: Optimizing Decisions Through Rapid Trade-off Analysis

By Jason Reece of Balfour Beatty on May 06, 2014

If you work in the AEC industry, you do a lot of planning… and over 50% of that time is waste.

As a society, when we talk about reducing waste, we usually are thinking about sustainability and the environment. However, you are surrounded by many types of waste other than your trash (see: 8 types of waste from Six Sigma).

A 2004 study of a construction projects by Glen Ballard and Greg Howell revealed that on average, 54% of the plans we make during construction fail. In addition, we perceive this rate of failure as acceptable.

I have observed a similar rate of failure in design planning, built into the core of our traditional design processes. Other industries like aerospace, developed processes and technology 10 to 15 years ago to eliminate this waste, and the AEC industry can adapt their processes to building construction today…

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