Building Information Modeling: What’s in a Name?

By Dace Campbell of Autodesk | Posted in Articles


Recently, I participated in the BIMForum in Boston, where the topic about “Design Optimization” drew a record crowd of professional attendees. Early and often, the presenters referenced “BIM” (Building Information Modeling) as a term or concept, with notable attention to the “I” (Information) in BIM as a key point of emphasis in successfully optimizing design. [+]


Thoughts on the Boston BIMForum

By Dan Gallivan of Payette | Posted in Articles


Attending the recent Spring BIMForum in Boston, many of the topics and discussions reminded me of an internal presentation I held in our office back in February. My presentation compared Building Information Modeling (BIM) of the architects for design, to the Building Models construction managers and general contractors are creating for construction. [+]


Design Optimization Flashblog: Optimizing Design at BIMForum

By James Vandezande of HOK | Posted in Articles


I recently had the privilege to co-host the Spring BIMForum conference held at the Renaissance Waterfront in Boston, MA. BIMForum is a group whose mission is:

“…to facilitate and accelerate the adoption of building information modeling (BIM) in the AEC industry. We will lead by example and synchronize with counterparts in all sectors of the industry to jointly develop best practice for virtual design and construction (VDC).”

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) was the founder of this growing group, but the AIA has also joined forces with the AGC in support of BIMForum’s goals. We selected the theme of this event as “Optimizing Design with BIM” – a broad look at how we are improving our process and our products with technology. The presentation proposals were selected from a wide variety of disciplines – from computation, to urban design, to architecture and engineering. Click here to watch our conference theme introduction… [+]


Design Optimization Flashblog: BIMForum Boston recap: Gilbane inspires with collaboration challenge

By Sasha Reed of Bluebeam Software, Inc | Posted in Articles


I recently attended BIM Forum in Boston, which is an AGC-sponsored event that brings together some of the top Architectural, Engineering and Construction firms from across the US.  The focus of this forum was “Optimizing Design with BIM.”  The sessions ran the gambit.  It was everything from taking a page from Aerospace for Simulation Design to predictive analysis—even designing Cinderella’s castle in Revit, which won Disney an AIA TAP award for Design.

One of the sessions that really stood out to me was from Gilbane.  [+]


Design Optimization Flashblog: Reflections from BIMForum: The Unique Snowflake Conundrum

By Laura Handler of Tocci Building Companies | Posted in Articles


One of my favorite sources of inspiration is Actionable Books, which condenses business books into a “one key message and two ways you can easily integrate that message into your life in 5 minutes or less”. Since I find it incredibly valuable, I thought I’d use the concept to share my reflections from the recent BIMForum conference on “Optimizing Design with BIM”.

Are we using Building Information Modeling to get our processes and results better?



Design Optimization Flashblog: Spring 2014 BIMForum – Whats Design Optimization?

By Peter Marchese of Microdesk | Posted in Articles


Recently the Spring 2014 BIMForum was held in Boston, with the main topic being, “focusing on design optimization”. While optimizing design can mean a lot of things to many people, several of the presenters focused on the abilities and methods that can be utilized to streamline processes. They also spoke about and showed actual examples where they utilized both technology that’s available, as well as some that was custom to do some of the time consuming or complex tasks for their project teams. [+]


Design Optimization Flashblog: READY…SET…BIMFORUM FLASHBLOG!!

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Last week, 18 Tocci team members descended on the BIMForum Optimizing Design with BIMconference. Our own Laura Handler co-chaired the conference with James Vandezande, AIA, from HOK. They opened the conference with this explanation of the theme:



Design Optimization Flashblog: BIMForum 2014: Learn Visual Programming

By Matthew Naugle of Thornton Tomasetti | Posted in Articles


“Learn visual programming” was the hard-fought closing remark to the computational panel, which Ben Howes and I had the privilege to be a part of (video here). Hard-fought in the sense that Ben stole these words right out from under our new and good friend Frank Fralick (developing Dynamo for Autodesk’s Inventor), who appropriately had these words in his last set of slides—Ben and I of course did not. While Frank presented his work on turning digital designs into fabricated realities, Ben and I presented Remote Solving: a platform for allowing near instantaneous engineering feedback to our clients using the cloud. Also taking part in our panel was the team of Harry Mattison and Robert Manna from Boost Your BIM and Stantec, respectively, who shared their work on using a shortest walk algorithm to better design the walking distances between rooms in hospital planning. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate example of how to use this algorithm myself!



Design Optimization Flashblog: Lean Design + Technology: Optimizing Decisions Through Rapid Trade-off Analysis

By Jason Reece of Balfour Beatty | Posted in Articles


If you work in the AEC industry, you do a lot of planning… and over 50% of that time is waste.

As a society, when we talk about reducing waste, we usually are thinking about sustainability and the environment. However, you are surrounded by many types of waste other than your trash (see: 8 types of waste from Six Sigma).

A 2004 study of a construction projects by Glen Ballard and Greg Howell revealed that on average, 54% of the plans we make during construction fail. In addition, we perceive this rate of failure as acceptable.

I have observed a similar rate of failure in design planning, built into the core of our traditional design processes. Other industries like aerospace, developed processes and technology 10 to 15 years ago to eliminate this waste, and the AEC industry can adapt their processes to building construction today… [+]


Design Optimization Flashblog: A Few Words about Process Analytics

By Tyler Goss of CASE | Posted in Articles

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This post is part of the BIMForum Flash Blog!

I recently gave a talk at BIMForum’s spring event in Boston, and I figured that is as good a reason as any to restart my efforts over here at buildingdatum. If you’re into seeing what I look like as I meander through a presentation, you can watch it here. And if you want to see me kicking it onstage with BIM legend Patrick MacLeamy, that’s right here.

Otherwise… [+]