Denver BIMForum 10/8-9, 2013 – Call for Presentations

By BIMForum on April 19, 2013

Prefabrication and Modular construction are showing tremendous promise for improving construction productivity, cost and efficiency. According to a recent McGraw-Hill study, their use is reducing construction schedules by four weeks or more, cutting project budgets by 6% or more, and reducing jobsite waste by 5% or more.  As BIM’s use becomes more widespread and sophisticated, it is expected that prefab and modular construction will increase dramatically in the coming years.

For the Fall 2013 BIMForum, we would like to examine the issues, advantages, but most especially the challenges with using BIM for prefabricating building systems and constructing modular building sections.  Specifically, we are interested in examples or answers to the following:

  •           Designing for prefabrication: how does the use of prefab and modular building change design decisions and process?
  •           Metrics of cost savings and productivity increases.
  •           Do contracts adequately address the use of prefab and modular building?
  •           Is there a real or perceived change in the standards of liability? If so, how can this be addressed?
  •           The use of multiple trades on prefabricated systems or building modules.
  •           Impact on jobsite safety
  •           How do Prefabrication and Modular construction fit into lean a manufacturing workflow?

Proposals are due by June 19th, 2013. To submit a proposal go here.


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