Civil and Industrial Forum – Call For Proposals

By BIMForum on January 26, 2012

BIM and VDC in A Horizontal World
A half day Civil, Industrial, and Utilities VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) Forum will be held on April 24th in conjunction with the April 25-26 BIMForum in San Antonio, Texas. The BIMForum is looking for presentations on successful implementations of VDC on Highway, Road, Bridge, Utility, Treatment Plants, and Power Distribution projects. These projects have the potential to realize substantial financial and schedule savings. Presentations should focus on the use of VDC to enhance work flow, minimize schedules, increase safety, provide a better end product, or increase field productivity.

Some examples of worthy presentations include:

VDC within small companies: Small design and construction firms often find it difficult to justify the upfront cost of implementing VDC. Tell us how you have successfully implemented VDC technology on civil and industrial work and show your return on investment.

Successful implementation of VDC on horizontal projects: Companies are utilizing more and more technology in underground utility, excavating, grading, and paving operations. How has VDC helped your firm in these areas?

Water and power plants and distribution: The simplest plant and distribution projects are as difficult as the more complex vertical building projects. How has VDC helped in the design and / or construction?

Owner Deliverables: Does your local DOT have VDC deliverables? What are the deliverables? How and why were the deliverables created? Has your firm provided VDC deliverables to an owner / agency and how have they been utilized post construction?

Other VDC Uses:Any other use in the civil and industrial world that you find compelling and worthy of sharing.

Each proposal should include:

• Name or brief description of the VDC use and implementation;
• A brief overview of the implementing companies
• What was the driving force (the specific need or problem) that led to using VDC?
• What value did VDC provide to the project, project team, or implementing company?

Proposals are due by February 24th, 2012. To submit a proposal, Click here.