Chicago BIMForum, July 19-20: Call For Presentations

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A consensus is emerging about the benefits of tapping the expertise of consultants, contractors, and facility managers during the early phases of a BIM-enabled project. The intent is to achieve design decisions that are both early and well informed to avoid costly later revisions. But does this necessarily imply that all design effort should be concentrated exclusively at the start of a project? Are late design decisions necessarily detrimental to budget, schedule, and quality? [+]


San Diego BIMForum Presentations

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Laser Scan of San Diego Hard Rock, courtesy of Precision 3D Scanning

Presentations From the San Diego BIMForum have been posted here. The presentations are free to all who attended the meeting. If you attended the BIMForum, you should have received a brief survey about the meeting. The password to the presentation is displayed at the end of the survey. If you attended the meeting but did not receive the survey please contact us here.
Didn’t attend the BIMForum? See what you missed here.


Free LiDAR Scanning Clinic

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(C) Precision 3D Scanning

A Clinic on Laser Scanning will be held from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm in Legends 6 of the Hard Rock Hotel on Wednesday, February 10th. The Clinic is Free to all BIMForum registrants. [+]